#PhoenixJar Update

If you’re new, here is the original #PhoenixJar Post.

Today Gus’ mom, a good friend, has announced that Gus has gotten a terminal diagnosis. I’m angry and heartbroken. Cancer is a nasty, terrible evil disease.

So here is what I want to do. Please if you can Donate to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation. Any research for Ependymoma will help other families who will get this diagnosis.

The #PhoenixJar totals for last year was $100. $35 Dollars to the refs of the league, $20 dollars to Steve Dangle, Adam Wylde, Jesse Blake, and 55 Dollars to the various tv and radio guys. And special shout out of $1 to Corey Hirsch.

If you can please donate.

This is for #TheRealGusAndHazel. If you donate, please let me know with a screencap to @PhoenixJar or @sarahhowling.

Thank you.


Episode 20: On The Wylde Side

This week we talked to Adam Wylde about Arizona Hockey and the John Scott Trade! After Adam signed off we talked about the past week in Coyotes land including Max Domi’s hatty, Cory Fucking Schneider, and Hope.

Warning: Towards the end we talked about Alex Galchenyuk and what happened this week. it is marked in the Podcast if you do need to skip for Domestic Violence talk.

Here is the Article re: Toxic Masculinity that Sarah talked about.

Article that Achariya wrote about her dad and his spinal cord injury, and applies it to what we know about Denna Laing. Achariya’s Article

Thanks again to Adam Wylde for being on the Podcast.

Next week we have Impossimitch.

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Let’s start this off shall we?

Everyone has heard the refs/announcers say Phoenix Coyotes and its been 2 seasons since the name change.

Here at @azdentalk have decided to do something that will do some good in the world.

A good friend of mine has a son named Gus. Gus is fighting cancer for the second time this year and about to have his third surgery of the year.

Gus is 6 years old, going to be 7 soon.

So go to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation and read about the type of cancer that Gus is fighting.

My challenge to you internet is to donate money every time you hear/see/say Phoenix Coyotes and not Arizona. You can bank it and donate all at the end of the season, donate in chunks or as you go.

At the end of the month/season make a donation to the Tanner Seebaum Foundation.
If you aren’t a hockey fan find another way. If you have a name no one can pronounce ever or spell it correctly, put a dollar away. Find a unique way to help us with #PhoenixJar.

Let’s #roar4gus and help #morethan4.

Use #PhoenixJar On Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook if you are calling someone out, noting the phrase being said.

Email us with questions or suggestions to keep track of things!


Twitter: @azdentalk or Sarah’s at @sarahhowling 

Please share this if you can. Let’s do some good in the world and #roar4gus

Episode 13: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. (Best. Week. EVER!)

This week Sarah and Liz talk about the boys three wins this week! 
Ryan Getzlaf being a sour puss. Hanzal saying they didn’t deserve to beat Calgary and Mikkel Boedker owning the Sens.
And a quiet plea for Steve Dangle to come back. 
Make sure you listen at the way to the end guys.
Here are the links to Impossimitch’s awesome art’s.
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Episode 9: Technology Sucks (Second Verse Same as the First)

Note: Our normal recording option crapped out so used a new source and it’s… different.

On Today’s podcast we talk about the Ducks, Wild and Bruins.

And we have a deep talk about fighting and Joe Vitale. (Which Sarah was right and it is officially a Fractured Orbital Bone)

Piece from Five For Howling

Also I (Sarah) Interviewed my friend Lyssie! She is a Wild and Ducks fan.

A Couple of fun announcements for us coming up!

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